Patient Stories & Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about the treatment, service, and commitment demonstrated by Dr. Brooke McNeal. I was suffering from extreme, debilitating headaches for over 2 months and after trying nearly every medicine I could find, I contacted Dr. Brooke for help. She did a comprehensive assessment of my symptoms and a thorough analysis of my mental and physical state to determine the cause of the headache. I received this treatment from Dr. Brooke remotely and it felt as though I was sitting right next to her in a patient’s room discussing my illness. Her kindness, dedication, and enthusiasm illuminated through her calls with me. Dr. Brooke followed up frequently and was genuinely concerned about my headaches. Her metrics for determining improvement were spot-on. After a few weeks of investigation, Dr. Brooke sent me a remedy that drastically changed me. My headaches immediately dissipated and within a few days the pain was gone. I am now free from the anxiety that caused the pain and tension and am finally at peace with my body. I recommend Dr. Brooke to anyone suffering from mental or physical illnesses, or to those who simply want to feel better.”

– Erika L.
Physical Scientist


“Dr. Brooke McNeal is a warm and caring healthcare provider.  She manages patient care with a blend of art and science: Her well-honed medical instincts are complemented by intense analytical use of data to result in a carefully considered, effective treatment plan.  Her proactive follow-up approach underscores her long-range supportive plans. A clear goal of her use of homeopathic support is to help her patients receive the care they need and return to balance and independence.  Her innovative use of technology to support me at a distance has given me the freedom to refer patients her way from across the continent, with both confidence and enthusiasm.”

– Samantha Slotnick, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D.
Behavioral Optometrist


“I am so impressed with the level of service and care provided by Dr. Brooke and am now a firm believer in the power of homeopathic remedies to improve overall well-being.  Dr. Brooke spent so much time working with me to understand the issues I was having with my child.  I really felt like she was listening and was thorough in her investigation of symptoms.  She provided me with a remedy and within a few days my child had drastically improved.  Everyone can’t believe the difference they can see in my child’s mood and overall demeanor – they all keep saying how she is a completely different child.  I can’t ever thank Dr. Brooke enough for saving my family from a lot of stress and heartache.  It is gut-wrenching to see your kid in pain and I am so happy she is finally feeling better.”

– Jess A.


“After battling depression and addiction for my entire adult life; to the point of experiencing job and relationship losses and criminal charges, I was diagnosed bi-polar and was ready to begin a life on medication. On a friends recommendation I spoke to Dr. Brooke; she conducted a series of extremely thorough biological, psychological and socialization interviews and was able to determine a remedy that was uniquely suited to me and my symptoms. Within the course of the next several months she followed up relentlessly, making adjustments where needed and I am able to report that today I am free from all low-level anxiety and the constant ups and downs that led to me seeking relief in addictive substances. I sleep well (I never could), am free from food cravings and have an overall peace and health that I believe is my natural state of being. I am clean and sober and best of all was married in June of 2011 to an amazing woman who is growing more beautiful every day and is, not coincidentally, now under the care of Dr. Brooke McNeal.”

– Tim A.


“My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 11 with Mixed Connective Tissue disease.  This is an overlapping disease of several diseases with symptoms from each disease at any given time; rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus being the symptoms that she presented with most of the time.  Having only been around what I refer to as “western medicine”, we began working with a rheumatologist.  The first line of treatment as with many ailments is pain medication and then whatever else works based on the symptoms.  Most often all of these medications are synthetic and chemical ridden.  Pain medication did not stop the pain it would just mask it.  Shortly after starting the first medication she said to me one night “Why is everything red?”  I wasn’t sure what she was talking about and she kept telling me that everything she looked at was red.  I began reading the list of possible side effects and was shocked to find this was indeed one of the side effects.  I made an internal decision right then that we had to do something else or my child was not going to have kidney and/or liver function by the time she reached her twenties using all of these drugs.

I was fortunate to open up my e-mail one day and find that I had a newsletter from a marketing company that Dr. Brooke had chosen to work with.  I found Dr. Brooke’s information and picked up the phone and called.  Dr. Brooke answered the phone and I shared my daughter’s story.  The first thing that impressed me was that she knew what mixed connective tissue disease was.  She told me that she was confident that she could make a difference with my daughter.  We scheduled our first appointment immediately.  Our first appointment was about three hours long.  I have never had a doctor spend 30 minutes with us let alone three hours!  When we finished that appointment Dr. Brooke told me that she would like to see my daughter symptom free in a year and on no medication, just relying on remedies.  She was almost spot on with her prediction.  Kelleigh has been virtually symptom free now for several years.  There will always be flare-ups because that is the nature of her disease, but with a phone call or visit we are able to change potency in the remedy or change remedies and she is back on track.

Dr. Brooke has incredible patience, determination, and a passion for helping the patient and the patient’s family become healthy.  Homeopathy and Dr. Brooke changed our daughter’s life and our lives in such a positive way.  Our entire family relies on homeopathy to stay healthy.  We have gone from a family that seemed like antibiotics/pain medication/symptom medication was the answer to every ailment to having not had a prescription medication in our house for years.  Homeopathy treats the whole body, physical and mental.  I’m really not sure where we would be health-wise if it weren’t for Dr. Brooke.  If you are fortunate enough to have found Dr. Brooke for your healthcare needs you will never regret it and you are in good hands.”

-Diana S.